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What people are saying about Tall Tales:

"These stories combine moral lessons with fantasy to captivate the child's attention and imagination. They are a short, quick, easy read, perfect for bedtimes stories, or also to use as a particular situation arises with your child. I remember my parents going to the "when I was a child" language, and that caused me to immediately shut down. These books provide a third person way, with interactive fantasy, to share advice in an objective manner." - Amazon Review


"I read this with my four year old and we both enjoyed it!! He was mesmerized by Tavi the elf and the way he talks. It's just perfect to keep his attention!! I love the illustrations - so beautiful in nice bright colors!!! This is a beautiful book with a beautiful message." - Amazon Review

"I have worked in Early Education for over 25 years. I have read both of Ms. Buehler's books and I am certain young children will love them. The key to a successful children's book is the ability to read them aloud to children. These books are written so well and fun to read. Children will love the consistency of the two brothers, the activity and bedtime that leads to a valuable lesson. The brothers learn lessons through "play" which is a young child's language. Great artwork too. I am looking forward to more books by this author." - Amazon Review