"The presenter was one of the best speakers I have heard on the wellness topic. I enjoyed her presentation very much and have even purchased her book to learn more. Thank you." - Participant at IWIN (International Women's Inclusion Network) Presentation, "Why Wellness is Revolutionary."


I love to talk to civic organizations, women's health conferences, churches, and book clubs. I regularly participate in podcasts and webinars. Topics include literacy, understanding poverty, wellness, education, sustainable living, and mental health.

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You can contact me here or email me at alison@alisonbuehler.com

I ask for a $50 donation to our nonprofit organization for speaking events in my area.

Travel for a day $200 donation.

Travel overnight $1000 donation plus travel.

Write for The Healing Wall

I hope you will join me in becoming vulnerable and brave. Share your story of healing. If you would like to submit a story for The Healing Wall, please email it to me with at least two pictures and one of yourself at alison@alisonbuehler.com with Guest Blog in the subject. 

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