A Giant Bully

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Activities for Helping Children Deal With Bullying

I hope you enjoyed sharing A Giant Bully with your child or children. It covers a tough topic for young kids - bullying and child abuse. The story based on a very real incident where we witnessed an adult smacking a child in the grocery store. I have always regretted my lack of action in that moment. I am trying to teach my own children how to make a better choice than their mother did.

Bullying and abuse are present in situations where there is an imbalance of power, Ways to balance that power include: using your big voice, getting help from a person the same size as the bully, and getting away from that situation. It takes courage to stand up to bullying. It is uncomfortable, but so important. My hope is that we can empower our children to do a better job than we have with this issue. 

Sadly, the week I released this book a 12 year old classmate of my son's took her own life due to bullying. TWELVE. We HAVE to have these conversations.

Here are some activities and resources to get you started.

13 Children's Books About Bullying

Great Lesson Plans and Activities to Teach Children About Bullying

1000 Ideas about Anti-bullying on Pinterest

Here is a link to my Pinterest Page to go with the book. The activities were approved by my children.

Here is a blog post I wrote about teaching my own kids about bullying. It has a link to a MUST watch movie.

Teaching Theme - Realistic Fiction vs. Fantasy

Please visit www.alisonbuehler.com/resourcespage  for more ideas!

The University of Missouri has THE BEST site for teachers – ethemes. https://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes

The theme for A Giant Bully is Realistic Fiction vs. Fantasy. https://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/1962?locale=en

Sorting Game – This is from a great website for teacher-made materials


Here is a great, short Youtube video to share with your class on realistic fiction vs. fantasy.