Alison's Top 5 Tips on Raising Healthy Kids in a Junk Culture

Our culture is stacked against parents who want to raise healthy kids. Here's how to become a health rebel.

1.   Substitute honey for sugar. For every recipe substitute local honey and use half the recommended amount. Sweeten everything from tea to cupcakes with honey. 

2.   Sneak in vegetables. It is recommended by Dr. Wahls that we eat 9 cups of veggies every day. We aren’t even close! But we try. Every morning we have a smoothie with breakfast: 3 cups greens, 2 cups frozen blueberries, 1 banana, 2 cups blueberry kefir, and one cup water. Blend up veggies in the food processor and stick them into muffins, pancakes, and pasta sauce. Get a spiralizer and make veggie pastas.  

3.   Drink water. My kids don’t even ask for anything but water at restaurants. We don’t have anything besides water and milk at home. The amount of sugar you save in drinks alone is enormous. It also saves your grocery bill significantly. 

4.   Supplement. We aren’t getting nearly the vitamins and minerals we need from our diet to grow healthy kids. Make a vitamin, a fish oil supplement (chewable tastes like bubblegum), and probiotic part of your morning routine. At our house our youngest passes them out at breakfast automatically because she knows it is her job.  

5.   Teach your kids to cook and shop. We are so busy that it seems faster to just get the jobs like grocery shopping and cooking dinner done alone. Involving kids in these processes create two things: quality time and kids who are educated about food. It also means they are more likely to eat dinner!