No Longer a Victim - Kathryn Brettell

I found Kathryn on Goodreads last week and was struck by her story. She understands that victimhood is a way of life for some people. It seems to haunt them from childhood into their adult years. She also understands that once you find the deep well of inner strength to throw off victimhood, strength can become a way of life. Here is her story.

As I grew up, it seemed I was a serial victim.  I had been raised by a violent stepfather, thrown out of my home at the age of 16, and forced to find my own way in the world.  Where men were concerned, the benchmark I set for myself was not very high – I vowed I would not let anyone ever hit me again, and I would kill anyone who hurt my children.  

The morning of October 8, 2008, my husband of 21 years tried to kill me.  I married him primarily because I believed he would never hurt me.  That morning, as he repeatedly crushed my skull with a five pound marble paperweight, I knew I was going to die.  After the third time he hit my head with that chunk of marble, pinned down on the floor with him sitting on my chest, I realized there was only one thing I wanted do before I died.  I wanted to leave evidence - for my children, grandchildren, sisters, nieces, coworkers, my friends, ALL the women in my life - that I did not die like a coward.  I wanted desperately wanted everyone to know I had tried.  When you know you’re about to die, what is important to you becomes very simple. 

I took a deep breath, and I fought back. In doing so–everything changed. I am no longer a victim. I am strong, I am confident. I am proud of myself. The years since that event have been the most joyful of my entire life. I am traveling extensively all over the world, I found the love of my life, and I am dedicated to helping others. My hope in writing my story, The Olive Picker, is for victims of domestic abuse to find courage and hope for themselves wherever they are in their journey. But, also for families and friends of those women, so they may understand the mental and emotional thinking of anyone who finds themselves in a situation of abuse.

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