Good Holiday Recipes for People with Autoimmune Issues

I was dreading Thanksgiving. With an autoimmune condition that had been raging over the last year, I reluctantly returned to my diet and lifestyle changes. I know these work, I wrote a whole book on it! And yet...I'm so stubborn! I WANT to be able to eat and live like a normal person so badly that I become delusional. But this time, the pain of AI made the choice for me. 

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I returned to Dr. Amy Myers The Autoimmune Solution intro diet right after I invaded my kids' Halloween candy and my body went nuts. I love her meals: sausage and sweet potato hash for breakfast, spaghetti squash with ground beef and pesto for dinner, salads that taste amazing for lunch. Immediately, my body calmed down. Within a few days I felt well enough to consider going off my medications. And you would think this would be enough to keep me on the right path, but Thanksgiving was coming.


That "Why meeee!" feeling crept back. I did not want to feel deprived over the holiday. Laws, they are depressing enough just dealing with family and kids out of school for a whole week. Who decided on a whole week for Thanksgiving? I decided to turn this holiday around and ordered Dr. Myers AIP Holiday recipe downloadable book on her website.

This meant two things. Firs, I spend ALL DAY cooking with my daughter, who has a gluten allergy herself, and who loves to cook. I have NEVER cooked for an entire day. I always chose the shortest route to Thanksgiving - cranberries in a can. One year, I ordered the entire thing from a catering company. Instead, we spent the holiday slowly, doing what my daughter loves together over real food. We even got her brothers to help on the cranberries and apple pie.

This was a GF apple pie my daughter made that is not in the book, but she said it was delicious and only used stevia to sweeten the apples.

This was a GF apple pie my daughter made that is not in the book, but she said it was delicious and only used stevia to sweeten the apples.

Second, I didn't feel deprived at meal time. We made the cranberries, macaroons, the crisp winter salad, and the coconut topped sweet potato casserole. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the mashed cauliflower recipe that was supposed to suffice for mashed potatoes. Let's face it. NOTHING can replace mashed potatoes.


But my very favorite dish of the entire day was the grain-free bacon, apple, and sweet potato dressing. I ate leftovers of this stuff for the next five days happily!

So, the cookbook book is a bit expensive for a download, but I don't regret my purchase. And, I'm looking forward to Christmas! 

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