Becoming Strong

Contemplative Help for Becoming Vulnerable and Connecting

Contemplative Help for Becoming Vulnerable and Connecting

I’ve watched strong women this year, and read some challenging books that all point to the same thing

  • We are here to connect and we realize our true selves within our relationships.

“The natural habitat for truth us in interpersonal relationships.” - Josef Pieper

  • We can only truly connect with others when we tear down our false selves - or, connection only happens through being vulnerable.

Healing on the Way - by Landon Roussel

So many families have been scraped raw by addiction. I love hearing recovery stories, but I am also aware of the fact that addiction is a family disease. Landon's story helps us share in the despair and hope of someone who loves an addict. This is his story:

No Longer a Victim - Kathryn Brettell

I found Kathryn on Goodreads last week and was struck by her story. She understands that victimhood is a way of life for some people. It seems to haunt them from childhood into their adult years. She also understands that once you find the deep well of inner strength to throw off victimhood, strength can become a way of life. Here is her story.