Personal Growth

Why I Changed my Goal from Looking Good Naked- by Andrea Rodgers

Learning to love our bodies is a life-long process, that ironically, gets easier as we get older and look worse! Why couldn't we have appreciated out teenaged bodies? Andrea Rodgers is one of those women that looks like a workout commercial, and still, she struggled with self-image for years. Apparently, none of us are immune. I like the her honesty over her obsession. I also like how her goal changed over time. This is her story:

Radical Self Acceptance - by Molly Pettis Reid

I haven’t always been so friendly with my body.  As a matter of fact I can hardly remember a time when I wasn’t in a battle with it.  At a very young age I learned that my body wasn’t acceptable.  I dieted, over exercised, starved and binged on unhealthy food.  I tried to change my body and found that it rebelled riotously.  It grew bigger, got sick and I grew angrier.  

Aging Gracelessly with a Little Help from my Friends

I searched my facebook pictures and discovered I had not one picture from the last decade without a kid, a husband, or a farm animal in it. Anyway, I'm pretty sure he wanted professional pictures. The only thing I have been professional at in the last ten years is motherhood. I am proud of this, but I do not think yoga pants were what James had in mind. 

Becoming Mom

I had my first of three children over ten years ago now. The fact that I have a ten-year-old child does not really compute in my brain. I am still young and young people do not have ten year-olds. My next child is eight and the last is five-"and-a-half." But I didn't become a mother ten years ago. I think I became a mom about three or four years ago.