Who's Ready to Escape Your Belongings in a Glamper?

When we were first married, Mike and I lived in a third story condo with no yard, high ceilings, and a community pool. The only gardening I did was on a tiny balcony off my bedroom where I grew a few flowers. If something broke, we called the landlord.

Now, we've expanded to two properties, 85 acres, chickens, bees, goats, and children. Sometimes I miss that condo and our simple, easy beginnings. I tell my kids that when they grow up I'm going to sell it all and move into a tiny house on wheels.

How many of you need a break from your belongings? This tiny trailer reminded me of that threat:) During this busy season, escaping in a "Glamper" seems heavenly! Check out this post I found below and share your favorite "Glampers" or tiny homes in the comments.