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Shame and Sex: Why Talking to Your Kids About Sex is So Important

"By relegating sex and vaginas to compartmentalized regions of medicine and culture, we remove them from the whole context of wellness." We leave a strange vacuum in awareness, knowledge, and honest conversation about female health because we are too embarrassed to talk about it.

Vestibulectomy for Overcoming Vulvodynia - by Sarah

Sarah is on of the thousands of brave women who found her own solutions to overcoming vulvodynia, a female health disorder that affects as many as 1 on 12 women. One of the reasons I wrote Rethinking Women's Health was because of the sheer numbers of women like Samantha who shared their brave stories on Facebook Support Groups. These women go through countless doctors and years of pain before they find answers. The good news is that there are answers if you are persistent in advocating for your health. This is Sarah's story:

40 and Fabulous, I Mean Tired- by Ivey Ivy

So, I turned 40 this year. And I’m tired. I’m so tired. And I’m sick of hearing myself respond to people when they ask how I am that I’m freaking tired. So, I set out to NOT say how tired I am. Instead, I’m writing about it. Nobody cares. We’re all tired.

Healing from Vulvodynia

Healing from Vulvodynia

Here is how I stumbled on my own healing from vulvodynia. 

I went to over fifteen doctors looking for cures or even just relief from the time I was eighteen until I finally healed at the age of thirty-five. I tried everything from lidocaine to antidepressants, to asking to have my labia removed just to keep from wanting to claw out my private parts.