Help your kids feel EMPOWERED to make a difference in the world. Show them how to use their Healing Touch to put a dent in the darkness!

Lesson Plan: Kids Can Make a Difference

Objective: Show children that lots of small acts of kindness can make an impact on a scary world

(45 mins).


Materials: 1 piece of large, blue construction paper; cut out lots of hands on yellow construction paper; markers; (optional copy of The Healing Touch).

Suggestion: Tie this lesson to a service activity. Example, have children rake leave at an older person's home, bring in items for the humane society or a food pantry. Let them see that they make a difference in a concrete way (more suggestions on the resource list below).

Step One: Read The Healing Touch (optional)

Step Two: Write fears on the blue paper hanging on a board or wall where kids can see it. The child in the story was scared of lots of things in the world. Ask, "What are some of the things you are scared of?" Lead children with examples if they have a hard time getting started. Most kids love listing their fears out loud. Cover the paper with fears. Examples: snakes, tornados, bad guys, wars, the dark, my mom getting sick.

Step Three: Say, "There are a lot of scary things in the world, but you can make the world less scary. Do you know how? Every time you do something good in the world, you cover up some of the dark, scary things with light. We call this using your Healing Touch." Brainstorm out loud specific things that children can do to make the world better. Examples: be a friend, play with someone who is alone, be nice to my siblings, serve food at the homeless shelter, help at the humane society, smile, stand up to bullies. 

Step Four: Pass out yellow handprints. Have each child write down something they can do to make the world better. Give children as many as they can fill out. 

Step Five: Ask children to tape their handprint on top of the scary words on the blue paper until most of the darkness is covered.

Step Six: Discuss, "Did only one good deed cover much of the scary stuff?" And, "What happened as we put more and more kindness on top of the darkness?"

Wrap-up: End with, "Thank you for sharing your fears with me. You don't have to wait for adults to make the world better. You can start right now!"

Get a copy of the Healing Touch Book to use with the lesson by clicking on the image.

Get a copy of the Healing Touch Book to use with the lesson by clicking on the image.

Resource List

Book List: Books that show how children can make a difference in the world.

65 Ways to Make a Difference - Stuck for ideas? This list is PERFECT for kids who want to do something to make the world better today!

35 Service Projects for Kids: Get your kids out into the world making positive change.

8 Amazing Kids who Make a Difference - Share this amazing video series with your kids if they still doubt their ability to change the world.

Join the Kids Can Make a Difference Campaign - KIDS is a program of iEARN (International Education and Resource Network), the world's largest non-profit global network. 
iEARN enables teachers and youth to use the Internet and other technologies to collaborate on projects that enhance learning and make a difference in the world.

PBS KIDS - I Can Make a Difference - When you see an area of need, don't just assume someone else is "taking care of it." Check to see if there's already a group or charity trying to help the situation. If there is-great! They'll probably need your assistance. But if there isn't, maybe it's up to you to start something yourself.

Order your copy today!

Order your copy today!