About the Author

Alison Buehler spent her early career teaching reading at an inner-city alternative school in
Jackson, Mississippi. When she realized schools needed to change instead of the students, Alison
earned a doctoral degree in educational leadership. Her research first appeared in academic
publications such as Middle School Journal, but she expanded into researching and writing about
health through her work as a wellness coordinator at a local community center. Her first book,
Rethinking Women’s Health, was published in 2016. Alison presents at schools, libraries, and
conferences, such as the Fay B. Kaigler Childrens Book Festival, as a radio guest on Mississippi
Public Broadcasting, and recently delivered a TEDx talk Why Wellness Needs a New Set of
Glasses. Alison currently lives in Starkville, Mississippi and directs The Homestead Education
Center with her husband. She divides her time between writing, teaching, community organizing,
and chasing her children and chickens.
Alison Buehler can be reached at Alison@alisonbuehler.com or (662) 694-0124

"This presenter was one of the best speakers I have heard on the wellness topic. I enjoyed her presentation very much and have even purchased her book to learn more. Thank you." - Participant at IWIN (International Women's Inclusion Network) Presentation, "Why Wellness is Revolutionary."