Reviews from live presentations provided by The Women's International Inclusion Network (IWIN):

"The presenter was one of the best speakers I have heard on the wellness topic. I enjoyed her presentation very much and have even purchased her book to learn more. Thank you."

"This was a very good seminar today. It was pertinent to this day and age; to our ADP initiative of good health, and I especially appreciated the speaker's willingness to share her story. Things like that are relatable."

"This was an eye opening topic and one that I have been wanting to start for a while. I ordered Dr. Buehler's book to help get started to a healthier life... thank you"

"I loved hearing about the specific life examples presented today. The sound quality was great. We need more real life speakers like Allison."

"GREAT!! I absolutely loved today's presentation"

"Really enjoyed today's session! loved the Q&A time."

"I really enjoyed todays speaker and will be purchasing her book to further my wellness."

 "It would be great if some of the Q&A could be captured in a document and distributed. Today I didn't catch all of the answers on recommendations, web sites and authors/doctors - would be great to have a reference to see it in writing."

"This speaker was great! Just real and down to earth. Just add something... That is the way I started and it really works."

"The session was very beneficial, practical tips that can be applied immediately!"