Tall Tales books do two important things.

1. Provide quality fantasy stories with incredible illustrations for children who are too young for chapter book fantasy like Harry Potter.

These are stories you won't mind reading again and again at bedtime. They are modern-day fairy tales with real adventure, quirky characters, and enchanting creatures.

2. Each book provides an avenue for parents to talk to their children about important issues like bullying, leaving kids out, sharing, taking care of the earth, and fighting with siblings WITHOUT being preachy. These conversations are important, and placing them in the context of fictional characters makes them easier to talk about.

Watch the video below to preview the books and then follow the link below for book bonuses.

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1. A Free Copy of my first children's book, The Healing Touch


How do we talk to kids about a scary world? How do we empower them to choose courage and kindness over fear? 

When wars and shootings on the news start making his stomach hurt, a young boy confides in his mother. "All kids have a magic power to shrink the darkness," his mom tells him at bedtime.

Can she restore her son's faith in the power of kindness? Can she make him understand that he holds the power to make the world better?

"So nice to have a well written tool to help discuss darkness in this world and how to envision driving it out." - Amazon Review

2. Free Lesson Plan and Resource Kit to go with The Healing Touch.

2.  Access to Activities and Lesson Plans for A Giant Bully 

3. Access to Activities and Lesson Plans for A Dreadful Dragon here.

4. Access to the original sketches for the Tall Tales Books

5. 6 Coloring Page Downloads

6. Free PDF on how to publish your work based on my experience publishing traditionally, independently, and using a hybrid publisher.

7. Right now you will receive $20% off the Writer's Weekend at The Homestead Center this October!

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