I know you are on this page because you are searching frantically for answers, you wonder if you will ever be normal again, and you feel defective and/or emotionally exhausted. I know because I was just like you for over a decade. I’ve written about this extensively in Rethinking Women’s Health, but what I want you to know is that I healed and you can too.

I chose the title of this page because we HAVE to keep our sense of humor as we heal. Part of the pain cycle is focusing only on curing the pain, and not enough on being good to our whole systems.

I interviewed almost 100 women for Rethinking Women’s Health who found pathways out of vulvar pain. The key word in that last sentence is PATHWAYS. There are lots of way out of vulvodynia, but it starts with a willingness to be well. Think about that. Why is your body creating THIS particular dis-ease?

I get at least an email a week from women desperate for help. I have written so many emails that summarize the book, but people want specifics. Here is a page of specifics broken down by the steps in the patterns to healing. I hope this helps. There are similar products that would work just fine, but these are the products and resources I personally use and have done the research to trust.

Step 1: Arrest the Immediate Pain

The first thing to do is get immediate relief. Use ice, AZO, which turns your urine red but numbs everything, or cold, organic kefir all over the vulva at night. You can also use anti-inflammatory pain killers and/or an antihistamine in order to sleep.

2. Arrest the Stress/Pain Cycle

I don’t really understand it, but I believe the science that shows how practicing mindfulness interrupts the pain cycle. Please commit to 30 days of a guided meditation. If you would like more info on how it works, you can check out the books below. Some of my favorite guided mediations are free on Tara Brach’s website. I also love The Honest Guys on YoutTube.

3. Understand the Mind-Body Connection

I COMPLETELY underestimated this one. It’s actually the easiest route to healing, but the most hard because we don’t understand how powerful our minds are. A great example is when we get nervous - what does that physically do to your body? Now, take everything that our culture places around sexuality, shame, guilt, relationship trouble, or stress and imagine what that can do to your body! Dr. Sarno is the leading authority on this and I recommend your read his books listed below, suspend your disbelief, and put what he says into practice. There are ZERO negative side effects, and it just might be your way out like it has been for HUNDREDS of women. There is also a helpful Facebook Group called Tension Mytosis Syndrome.

4. Decrease Inflammation Throughout the Entire Body

There is no “one size fit’s all” diet out there that decreases inflammation. But there are several things you can do to support your body overall. Increase veggies. Dr. Terry Wahls says we need NINE cups of fruits and veggies for our cells to function correctly. We aren’t anywhere close! But we can get closer with things like committing to a green smoothie each day and a salad for lunch. Decrease non-food foods. Most of the things in our grocery store aren’t food. Eat simple, whole ingredients. Learn to cook a few healthy go-to meals. Try an elimination diet to see if you react to certain foods. And PLEASE take your supplements. When we make choices to care for our bodies with healthy food and the right nutrition, we are signaling to our brain that we want to be well.

Almost every Westerner is low in Vitamin D

If you aren’t going to eat 9 cups of veggies a day, at least take a good multivitamin

Omega 3s are central to healthy systems

This is how I make sure I get everything I need each day. I bought FOUR cheap ones that broke before I bit the bullet and got this one. But it’s lasted through 5 years, now and they even sent me a new blade AND lid when my child stuck a spatula in it.

Feed the “Good Guys” with probiotics that create and protect beneficial bacteria

If you are serious about cleaning up your health overall, which I hope you are in order to get relief, Dr. Terry Wahls is the physician to read. If she can heal multiple sclerosis with food, we can heal our own conditions as well.

I am constantly reading and researching because it breaks my heart to still see so many women suffering in the Facebook Groups and in the emails I receive. If you would like to stay connected, I send out info from time to time. You can sign up here to receive updates. Here’s to your pathway. I know you can find it. Alison